Mumbai Real Estate Market Provides Affordable Segment To Society

Real Estate Market In Mumbai

Real Estate in Mumbai had recorded a growth of 7.50% during June 2013- September 2017 which can be stated tremendous and is still maintaining the pace. With an immense progress in almost every sector like employment, education, medical facilities, real estate and many more, the extended suburbs are in huge demand for both the investors and buyers. With a perspective of surefire, the investments are ranging double and more than that. Thus the investors are sure about the get back of the invested money. The reasonable properties and shares are attracting many buyers and now another affordable project is up in this huge metropolitan city, Mumbai. The project Puranik Future City is located in Neral under Karjat, Raigad district.

The multi-developing suburb can be stated as Neral which is experiencing terrific growth in the extended outskirts. With many projects in the surrounding, competitors are offering properties for a moderate rate which is affordable for every class of individual and Puranik City is one amongst it. With an easy linkage to reputed IT hubs like Kalyan and Badlapur.

Puranik Future City Neral Mumbai
Puranik Future City Neral Mumbai

Puranik Future City

This project is owned by Puranik Property builders. Initiated in 1980, the extraordinary residential project has completed 29 projects and 24 upcoming projects. And now is up to serve the customers with affordable and spacious luxury with a model tagline “ideas that stay with you.”

Puranik Codename Future City Neral is offering the spacious 1 BHK and 2 BHK in a plan of 30 units of building. 30 units are divided into two equating 27 buildings with G+7 and 3 buildings with G+7.


The amenities Puranik Codename Future City Neral provides are simply stunning. Noticing the requirement in the present day lifestyle, and affordability in mind, Puranik City Neral has given a word of arranging the following provisions. They are the gymnasium, swimming pool, yoga deck, meditating centre, kids play area, in-house club, gazebo, multi-purpose court, landscapes, temple and senior citizens corner too.

Puranik Future City Neighborhood

The highlighting neighborhood of Puranik City Neral is with a canopy of banks, ATMs, hospitals, bus stands, schools, restaurants, grocery stores, movie theatres, shopping malls, railway stations and pharmacies.

Puranik Codename Future City Price

The price of Puranik Future City Neral ranges need to contact us for price. Concluding with the mentioned cost, Puranik City has managed labor and the resources to cut down the overall price of Puranik City Neral Mumbai so that it can cater to all classes of individuals. It is also providing interesting financial schemes for the buyers to repay the loans easily. And it has ROI potential too.

Puranik City Neral Residential Apartment In Mumbai
Puranik City Neral Residential Apartment In Mumbai

Additionally, the chosen suburban is so exemplary which eases the travelling and does not feel the residents reside in outskirts. It softens the movement where a state highway is connecting Panvel and Chakan via Bhimashankar which reduces the travel distance to 21 kms. All near to the employment boards is also one of the positive points to be stated. And the highlighting Navi- Mumbai airport was proposed which is going to be conveniently near to Puranik City Neral. Thus, the Puranik City Codename FUTURE CITY is a factor of affordability for the individuals who are dreaming to turn to a real time house owners.

Their are more residential apartment coming to Mumbai City. Godrej Retreat Homes is one of the best options.  This apartment is coming with a different floor plan and amenities. This apartment is located in Kharghar Mumbai


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Dhanteras- A Joyous Occasion For Property Investments With Puranik Future City Neral




Is Puranik City Codename Future City Good Option for NRI Property Buyer

Location with Best Social Infrastructure – Puranik Future City

Neral is one of the most rapidly developing locations of Mumbai, which possess a big residential hub in the entire state and is equipped with all social and civic amenities. Along with the Mumbaikar’s NRI people also target Neral to invest for a calm and peaceful stay along with best returns. Neral is well connected with highways and expressways for the best connectivity throughout the city. It provides easy access to the prominent industrial hubs of Kalyan and Badlapur making it an easily connected location. Puranik Future City is a new real estate project coming at Neral Mumbai. For the splendid view, Neral is surrounded by the hill stations like Matheran and Bhimashankar.

Puranik Future City Neral
Puranik Future City Neral

Some of the best educational institutions located in Neral are Navjeevan educational society, LAES English school, AICR Business schools and Dilkap Colleges and institutes. Neral comprises of the proposed Karjat-Panvel local rail route, Trans-harbor sea link, Navi Mumbai Airport Influence notified area development (NAINA) and Navi Mumbai International Airport.

Puranik City CodenameFuture City project is the best residential project in Neral for the best affordable investment option.


Puranik City Neral 2
Puranik City Neral 2

Why NRI’s prefer Puranik City Codename Future City?

Puranik City Neral Mumbai project is the marvellous residential venture planned in the city of Neral and is built by the prestigious developer the Puranik properties.NRI residents prefer to invest Puranik City CodenameFuture City property since they get the option to choose the wide range of abodes with best of amenities in the prime location with an affordable price tag.

Puranik City CodenameFuture City property is situated in the developing locations and is surrounded by best schools, colleges, restaurants, banks, ATMs, and medical institutions for the convenience of stay.

It has various amenities like swimming pool, gym, secured visitor parking, round the clock water supply, a community hall and many more.

Future City Neral
Future City Neral

Choose well-planned units of Puranik City Codename Future City

Puranik City CodenameFuture City property consists of row houses as well as flats with different configurations in the project to suit your changeable needs. Puranik City CodenameFuture City property features towers that are designed with G+7 and G+4 configurations accommodating all the units. The 1 Bhk row house covers the carpet area ranging from 250 sq.ft – 300 sq.ft. The 1 Bhk abode is spread over the area ranging from 250 sq.ft – 450 sq.ft for the comfortable living of a nuclear family. The 2 Bhk flat is all set to cover the carpet area ranging from 550 sq.ft – 650 sq.ft. The corridors and the walkways in the project are designed widely for a congestion free movement of the residents.

Puranik City Neral Mumbai
Puranik City Neral Mumbai

Puranik Codename Future City project is an RCC framed structure for the higher durability and the units of the property are meticulously crafted to offer you a blissful stay.

Neral-Dasturi Naka-Matheran road project is coming up near to Puranik City CodenameFuture City project which surely will increase the land appreciation rates of the property.


Make an investment by buying the property in Puranik Future City project!!


Puranik City Neral Coming With Codename Future City

Puranik City Neral Upcoming Project By Puranik Developer

When there is a transition in development, there occur many changes. One amongst is the change is real estate. It is coming up with fresh ideas all the time and the customers do get convinced because of the genuineness. In the same way, one idea was residencies in the outskirts which make life peaceful and easy. It really worked out so well and now there is a huge competition in the market. So, for the city residents in Mumbai, fed up of traffic and travelling, Puranik Builders with its new project Codename Future city is upcoming to offer a peaceful and well-being livelihood to its customers. In 110 acre township, 85% is open space and the rest 15% is construction. 85% evidences the beauty of the nature with scenic landscapes around.

Codename- Future city | Upcoming Real Estate Project
Codename- Future city | Upcoming Real Estate Project

Know All About Puranik Builders

With its inception in 1990, Puranik Builders succeeded in the construction of residential and commercial spaces. Till date, Puranik developed an area of about 4, 21,422 sq.ft. And it has completed around 29 projects and 24 more projects in hand. With its development in constructions going ahead, to evidence success, it is now starting a new project called the Codename- Future City at Neral. It is launching its first phase consisting of 4 sectors and 30 buildings with 1BHK and 2 BHK preferences with carpet size for 1BHK carpet size for of about 34.22 sq. mt and 43.82 sq. mt are respectively.

Puranik City Neral Residential Apartment
Puranik City Neral Residential Apartment

It is not perfect only with the well-designed apartments, but also has few more highlighting points like

  • Attractive payment plans,
  • Finance schemes,
  • Offers for customers and CPs
  • Good ROI potentials too.

Codename- Future City Residential Apartment Location

The location of the property is in Neral, an extended suburb of Mumbai, Raigad district. It comes under the MMRDA regulatory body which ensures the future development. It is just a ride-away to two of the major cities, Pune and Maharashtra. Interestingly, by a shortcut through Bhimashankar Hills connecting Panvel and Chakan, distance to Mumbai reduced to 42 kms to 21 kms. Located closely to the Matheran hillstation, chances of turning Neral into a big residential hub are high. Mumbai Pune express highway is just 45 minutes away. The Outer Ring Road connecting Neral makes travelling to any place convenient. Two international airports are near to the location and metro is in progress.

Codename- Future City  Apartment Amenities

Codename- FUTURE CITY is providing the best amenities in order to cater the residents. The location in these outskirts is a bit far from the city but too peaceful leaving the commotion all aside. It is being provided with Jogging track, senior citizens corner, multi-purpose court, children play area, landscape area, and swimming pool and a clubhouse which does not let the residents feel they are staying in the outskirts. Rather, with family like neighbors celebrating festive together builds a valuable relation. Phase 1 consisting of 4 sectors with 30 buildings. Out of 30, 27 buildings are G+7 AND the rest are G+4.

Codename – Future City  Price

The Puranik group has a amazing payment plans. The prices of the property are all affordable and are inclusive with subvention scheme with RERA regd. are as follows:

1 RK (213-216 sq. ft) ranges from 12- 14 Lakhs.

1 BHK (330- 380 sq. ft) ranges from 19- 21 Lakhs.

2BHK (440- 500 sq. ft) ranges from 25- 27 Lakhs.

For additional information about the property, RERA numbers are provided. They are:

  • P52000017996
  • P52000017954
  • P52000017953
  • P52000017994

With reputed educational institutions and top MNCs, and also going to experience the upcoming SEZ and two industrial suburbs Badlapur and Ambernath. Navi Mumbai International Airport and Karjat- Panvel local route is also proposed by which the residents of the Codename- FUTURE CITY will experience huge further benefits.

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Mumbai Water And Traffic Issues A Hindrance To Real Estate Property Investors

Puranik City Codename Future City Coming With Solution for Mumbai Two Major Problem Water And Traffic

Real estate property developers around Mumbai have come up with some the most fascinating residential spaces. Puranik City Neral Codename Future City by Puranik Properties is one such project that is strategically located at Neral in Mumbai. Renowned as the financial capital of India, Mumbai has attracted residents and realtors for various reasons. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is primarily situated at Dalal Street in Mumbai, which is known trademark around the country. Mumbai, over the years has encountered critical problems involving rising population, unable to sell excess inventory, affordable housing and water scarcity. The city has witnessed rising trends as residents are transitioning from living as tenants to real-time home owners. Residents are now concerned about the fact that buying a house in the midst of a water crisis wouldn’t be a good option. It is definitely a profitable idea to partner with established realtors as opposed to emerging and budding property developers. Codename Future City By Puranik residential apartment has revolutionized the way residents look at real estate investments. With Mumbai undergoing water crisis, Puranik City Neral has come up with ecological ways of living by introducing amenities like rainwater harvesting so residents make the most out of the rainwater and lead a harmonious lifestyle. Realtors are in the loss as excess groundwater is extracted by private wells across Mumbai. Authorities have no control over such crisis situations and state that if all the ground water is extracted by local firms and establishments, saline water from the ocean would enter and contaminate the water that is left for utilization. This can turn out disastrous as residents who are seeking out property investments would be heading in the wrong direction. This would also result in difficulty in construction as builders wouldn’t be able to purchase lands easily for their respective projects.

Puranik City Neral | Mumbai Real Estate
Puranik City Neral | Mumbai Real Estate

Pre-requisites to avoid clashes between natural calamities and real estate investment

There are ways in which we can avoid such situations which would enable us to come to profitable investment decisions. Realtors should come up with definitive strategies that should be in line with industry standards and customer expectations. Working with architects and engineers can resolve such issues as they could come up with intricate designs and structures so residents are safe and secured within the premises.

Come up with affordable housing strategies

With the increase in population in key note localities surrounding Mumbai, realtors should design important affordable housing strategies so they could sell excess inventories to avoid getting into stock-out situations. With the rise in residents flocking to different parts around Mumbai, the overall traffic situation is bound to worsen. Realtors should take the location of the factor into consideration and come up with luxurious projects at further out locations. What this does is that it ensures a secluded lifestyle away from the noise in the city. Neral is an emerging locality that is surrounded by stunning green covers that helps create a balance in the ecological system.

Puranik City Neral Coming At Affordable Price
Puranik City Neral Coming At Affordable Price

Make fixed plans and predict future discrepancies

It is important that the resident considers forecasting future needs and requirements before they come to specific investment decisions. Making fixed plans for a foreseeable future is crucial as with changing climatic conditions, the city can get into critical crisis situations. Taking long-term pre-cautionary steps can avoid residents landing at risky situations. Devising amenities like rainwater harvesting and water recycling can not only increase the overall credibility of the project, it saves up on long-term gains.

Prestige Highline- Pristine Residential Apartments For A Fulfilling Future

Prestige Highline strategically located at Pallavaram Chennai

Prestige properties have never ceased to amaze us as far as real estate property developments are concerned. Residents are now effectively transitioning from living as tenants to real-time homeowners. Prestige Highline by Prestige Properties is one such project that is strategically located to perfection at Pallavaram in Chennai. Chennai, known as the premier automobile hub of the country, has attracted residents from all over the country for employment opportunities in the automobile sector. Realtors have efficiently forecasted this trend and have come up with respective residential projects that are in line with industry standards and customer expectations. Prestige Highline comprises of fabulous high-rise buildings so residents can enjoy scenic views of landscaped gardens from pristine vantage points surrounding the project. There are numerous schools, colleges and medical institutions in close proximity so residents can go about with their everyday commute with relative ease. Presence of independent plots of land around the project indeed increases the salability of the project and contributes in increasing the credibility of the project. Pallavaram houses reputed IT tech parks that houses almost 20% of Chennai’s IT working population. This is an added advantage for potential investors as they would be able to find profitable tenants for long-term gains. A real-time experience is important before arriving at any purchase decision. To complement this aspect, Prestige Highline schedules periodic site visits for interested residents so they understand overall property development and physically experience the benefits of the amenities and structural specifications within the premises. Rest assured, residents who are looking for investment options and who are willing to partner with Prestige Highline Pallavaram are sure to experience smooth sailing leading to a secured future.

Prestige Highline Chennai
Prestige Highline Chennai

Prestige Highline – Come home to experience what true luxury feels like

Before arriving at an investment decision, residents often implement a pre-determined approach as far as floor plans are concerned. Customers are often puzzled or confused after consulting with friends and family on how they can optimally utilize the space and the resources provided. It is important that residents go to the site and experience the floor plans available instead of getting information over the phone/email for effective investment decisions. Prestige Highline Floor/Master plans comprise of 1, 2 and 3 BHK luxurious apartments that are spread over wide-open spaces for residents can explore and make effective use of the space provided. Prestige Highline Chennai is one of those rare projects that has partnered with renowned architects and engineers so residents can consult to get to promising returns in the near future.

Pallavaram Chennai – Benefits that contemplate happiness at the highest level

Location of a project is as important as any other aspect that helps in enhancing the credibility of the project. Prestige Highline is strategically located at Pallavaram in Chennai. Pallavaram offers great social benefits like high-tech flyover’s, bridges and railway lines that help residents to get around to renowned landmarks around the city. It is well known that Pallavaram comprises of fabulous green covers and wide-open spaces that help in maintaining the overall ecology of the location. It is often suggested that residents invest in emerging locations as opposed to premier established localities. Pallavaram has proven time and again that investing in emerging areas around Chennai reaps huge rewards, provided residents partner with reputed property developers. Reputed schools, colleges and medical institutions are in close proximity to Prestige Highline Chennai so residents can go about with their everyday commute with relative ease. Pallavaram is in close proximity to the Chennai International Airport which acts as a major landmark that helps in increasing land appreciation rates. Residents, realizing the benefits offered at Pallavaram, are now more than eager to partner with Prestige Highline Chennai for a future filled with tranquillity and serenity.


Prestige Highline Located At Chennai
Prestige Highline Located At Chennai


Affordable Prices that encourage resident involvement

Every purchase decision revolves around the price. Be it a product or a service, customers are always concerned about the price and the value associated. Pallavaram has earned its recognition by providing residential spaces by renowned builders which are affordable in nature. As an emerging location, Pallavaram has come leaps and bounds as far as social infrastructure is concerned. Prestige Highline prices for individual unit variants are available on request for all interested. These are devised keeping customer affordability and standard of living as the prime focus. Financial advisers are present at the site at all times which makes it easier for the residents to categorize their priorities so they arrive at great fulfilling investment decisions.

Know What’s – Carpet Area, Built-up Area And Super Built-up Area

All About the carpet area, build area and super built-up area – Puranik City Neral

Aspiring to buy a home in Puranik City Neral Mumbai? As a home buyer, it is crucial that you understand the terminologies used by real estate agents. This residential apartment is coming with all new and healthy lifestyle comfort.

Carpet area, Built-up area and super Built-up area are some of the buzzwords in the real estate market. Often used by developers and brokers, these words land up many homebuyers logging on to the internet. It’s better to save one’s neck before remitting an extra portion of your hard-earned money into something that is not worth it. Therefore, before working up for your home it is important that you do your homework.

Here is the clear difference between the three jargons Carpet area, Built-up area and super Built-up area.

Carpet area:

As the name suggests is the expanse which can actually be covered by a carpet. It is the definite area you get for usage in a housing unit, not including the thickness of inner walls of the apartment. Common areas such as lift, lobby, staircase, play area, etc are not included in the space covered by carpet area. Thus, be sure to look at the carpet area and then indulge in your housing decision when you search your luxury space. Because carpet area will give you an idea of the actual space at your disposal, it will help you know the operational area in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc. These days, many developers don’t mention carpet area and usually charge on the basis of built-up area or super built-up area. Usually, the carpet area is about 70% of the built-up area.

Carpet Area | Puranik City Neral
Carpet Area | Puranik City Neral

Built-up Area:

The total wall area and carpet area is the built-up area. Now, the wall area is the breadth of the inner walls of a room and not the surface area. But. the area creating the walls is somewhere around 20% of the built-up area and completely changes the outlook. The built-up area includes other spanned areas such as a terrace, flower beds, dry balcony etc. and enhances up to 10% of the built-up area. Think about it like this, only 70% of the built-up area is the usable area. So, suppose the built-up area in Puranik Neral city apartment is 1100sq.ft, it means around 30% (330sq.ft) is not certainly serviceable, and the actual area you will get to use is only the remaining 770sq.ft.

Built-up area for Puranik City Neral
Built-up area for Puranik City Neral

Super Built-up area:

A builder’s BFF! Super Built-up area is calculated by adding the built-up area and shared area that includes the lift, lift lobby, corridor, etc. In some cases, developers even include comforts such as a clubhouse, pool and garden in the common area. Often builder charges you based on this area to cover their construction cost which is why it is also known as ‘saleable’ area. 90% developers calculate the base cost based on super built-up area i.e. the more amenities the higher will be the super built-up area.

Super Built-up area Puranik City Neral
Super Built-up area Puranik City Neral

Real estate can be intricate, calculations of square footage seem difficult but is actually a simple job. When you are aware of difficult terms used in reality market you can definitely make an informed decision regarding your luxurious residential apartment in Puranik Neral City. Know the actual Floor Plans of Puranik Neral City, Mumbai (link).

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Why Godrej Aqua Is A Hot Project To Invest In Bangalore?

Godrej Aqua Best Project To Invest in Hosahalli Bangalore

Built up in 1990, Godrej Properties Limited is the mainland organization to have ISO accreditation. Godrej Properties is as of now creating private, business and township ventures spread crosswise over different states of India. Godrej Group is among India’s most expanded and confided in aggregates. Regardless of how enormous or small, your house is, home is the most agreeable space for everybody. On the other hand, Bangalore is quickly developing as the favored property speculation goal. Truth be told, the best property bargains are currently accessible in Bangalore!. Godrej Aqua is a standout amongst the most anticipated up and coming township of the purchasers/financial specialists.

The people of Bangalore are quickly heading towards the accessibility of a wide range of present-day accommodation under one rooftop. Township foundation and community gated centers are the favored decision of the purchasers keeping the well-being as the key component.

Godrej Aqua | Upcoming Real Estate Project
Godrej Aqua | Upcoming Real Estate Project

The Upcoming & Promising Venture By Godrej

Godrej Aqua is an upcoming property that precisely satisfies every one of the wants of having a fantasy home alongside included best-in-class living background to be given by the lodging units. The costs for singular units are accessible on ask. Godrej Aqua is a moderate lodging venture that expects to give lodging answer for all the trying purchasers.

It is outfitted with every advanced convenience for the new age urban way of life. It gets a style remainder for the extravagance of rich living alongside an imperial bit of an amicable neighborhood. Apartment includes 1 Bhk, 2 Bhk, 3 Bhk and 4 Bhk properties and gives a possibility for the purchaser to pick the property as indicated by their prerequisite and spending plan. Godrej Aqua is spread over an immense sprawling place that is known for 300 sections of land to offer an extensive township involvement with all the vital and extravagant civilities to cater to your necessities.

Godrej Aqua Hosahalli Bangalore
Godrej Aqua Hosahalli Bangalore

Location – The Prime Focus

Godrej Aqua is situated in Hosahalli and the area has superb access to all parts of the city. The network is through all around arranged NH 7 roadway, interstate and railroad station. Transport facility is great, a transport stop is in the vicinity of the property. Kempegowda International Airport is only a couple of minutes’ drive from the property for all the long-distance travel. Devanahalli Business Park with two other IT Parks are up and coming in the region. Devanahalli is a very much arranged and created area of Bangalore to contribute. It is encompassed by conspicuous retail, business, recreational and private players making it a commendable place to invest.

Amenities & Specifications That Will Drool You Over

It incorporates different luxuries like a swimming pool to alleviate your brain from the riotous occupied day plan and to totally revive you. Godrej Aqua incorporates a Clubhouse with every one of the luxuries to invest your significant energy with family and companions. The Clubhouse gives a chance to know your neighbors and play around with them. Multi-purpose Hall is consolidated in the premises for all your gathering needs. To invest your games energy viably indoor recreations are arranged inside the property.

Godrej Aqua Apartment Amenities
Godrej Aqua Bangalore Amenities

Badminton court, basketball court, Skating Rink and tennis court facilities for outdoor sport freaks are also stretched out for the utilization of the occupants. devoted children pool and kids play region is planned with most extreme safety for your children to play without you stressing. windows utilized in every unit is anodized and the ground surface are finished utilizing artistic/vitrified tiles for included security and warmth look.

The property is all around arranged with “Go Green” initiative to protect the environment and to help revive the groundwater level. It has propelled fire extinguisher facility in the property for included security. The property is astutely intended to get rich natural light and air course to have an ideal usage of room for happy living.