A Sneak Peak Into Apartment Living In The Future

Next Generation  Home Coming With Luxury Facility

Regardless of what life throws at us, we have to take necessary measures to prepare for the most unlikely of situations. Investing in the real estate market provides us the capability to provide for our families and bank on an alternate source of income. Residents are now effectively transitioning from living as tenants to real-time property aspirants. Prestige Highline by the famed Prestige properties is a fascinating residential project, which is located to perfection at Pallavaram in Chennai. Renowned as the automobile manufacturing hub of the nation, Chennai has welcomed property developers to come up with their projects across emerging parts around the city. With high-paying job prospects in the automobile industry, residents can consider investing early to reap formidable returns on investment. With high-rise architectural marvels within the premises, residents can be rest assured to provide the best for their children in regards to education and healthcare. Pallavaram, an emerging part of Chennai, is home to prominent IT tech park that houses close to 10-20% of the city’s IT crowd. Young IT professionals and entrepreneurs can now consider investing early for financial security and build up on an alternate source of income. In order to establish long-lasting relationships and employ a customer-centric approach, residents are welcomed to the site to experience the amenities, floor plans, design structures or even take an entire tour of the property before arriving at a final purchase decision. Prestige Highline apartments are curated and designed by some of the best in the business in order to cater to rising and diverse residential requirements. The introduction of real estate regulatory bodies like RERA and tax reforms such as GST have revolutionized realty operations and increased the demand for affordable housing structures. Property developers are now capitalizing on key markets to release their excess inventory and match up to the supply-demand ratio. Rest assures, one planning to partner with Prestige Highline Pallavaram is sure to save up for a secured future. Get Investing!

Prestige Highline Residential Apartment Chennai
Prestige Highline Chennai

Considering the impact of emerging suburbs

One has to realize that investing in emerging localities determines the nature of your investment. Suburbs, most often than not provide profitable opportunities when compared to established localities. The notion or considering suburbs or cities is now transformed to taking suburbs and cities as a single entity. What basically interests potential investors is an apartment which is engulfed by a crime-free environment, better connectivity to other prominent localities and suitable amenities that would enable them to lead a convenient lifestyle within the premises. Investing in areas like Pallavaram Chennai would give you quality of life as anything and everything is in reach which would eventually contribute to a luxurious living experience.

Prestige Highline Pallavaram Chennai
Prestige Highline Pallavaram Chennai

Amenities to support the connectivity and conserve the eco-system

With changing times and technologies, residents have to make sure they update themselves. It’s a proven fact that amenities at a project determines the project’s credibility. However, with the increase in urban population, property developers are on the verge of devising futuristic amenities that cater to diverse residential requirements without compromising on conserving the eco-system. For instance, amenities like rainwater harvesting, solar power systems, uninterrupted supply of water, 24/7 security systems, green buildings and fuel-friendly transportation services are pivotal for a convenient living experience. Here at Prestige Highline, the amenities are in line with industry standards and customer residential expectations. Be it any product or service offering, residents need to know the value associated with the purchase. Customers can experience the project features and the amenities beforehand which would give them an upper hand in filtering their purchase decisions.


Accessibility and floor plan designs

Infrastructure designs at a residential project are as crucial as any other aspect that might contribute to profitable investment decisions. Prestige Highline floor plans are available on request and customers are requested to visit the site with a pre-determined floor plan design so they would find it easier to compare designs that are available at the premises. Architects and engineers at the site provide impeccable realty services so investors can prioritize what is necessary at any given point of time. Curated to perfection, Prestige Highline is sure to protect your interests for suitable and favorable living experience.

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Important Questions To Pose The Property Dealers

Why Navi Mumbai?

Mumbai is that city which never sleeps. This most modern metropolitan city is the capital of Maharashtra which is also the 2nd highly populated city. With the help of liberalization and modernization in the streets of India, helped Mumbai to turn itself into an ultimate outfit of Bollywood, share market, stock exchange, beaches, street food, street shopping, high-rise buildings, party culture, modern lifestyle, mesmerizing beaches, dabbawalla, and the busy metros gives an answer of the city’s transformation. With all these added factors, abundance in the supply of property by realtors is one of the major factors for raising residential demand. The prominent commercial projects and the developing residential project accompanied with the highlighting neighborhood and the towering office slots, ultimately the increase in migration percentage with the increase in employment is the major reason for quick growth in this city. In this rapidly developing city, renowned developer Godrej is upcoming with one residential project in Kharghar with the name of Godrej Kharghar.

Godrej Kharghar Mumbai

15 noted questions to ask the agents

Buying a property is both enthusiastic and terrifying as well. The present days with involved frauds and double dealings will lead a home looker to confusion on how to own an ideal property like Godrej Kharghar. With all the gathered experience, there are few simple but important questions to be asked to clarify and buy an ideal one without getting deceived. They are:

  • Is the property registered with all the required paperwork?
  • What is the present market rent for this sort of property?
  • What are the perfections and imperfections in this property?
  • What are the positive attributes of this property?
  • What are the negative attributes of this property?
  • Possibilities of making money from this property?
  • Are there any plumbing or wiring issues?
  • Any pending registration processes of the property?
  • What are the transportation facilities from the pinned location?
  • Is any furniture being sold along with the property?
  • Is this property in a known as flood zone?
  • What are the services currently being supplied to the residents of the property and what services are available to utilize? For example, natural gas, sewerage (as it may still have a septic tank), reticulated water supply (as it could be on tank supply), and so on
  • Should the property be situated near to the schools, public transportation, and major roads? If so, how far away should it be situated and should travel time be a consideration?
  • How much is the distance from the property from a major CBD or town center?
  • Is the property near to the major shopping centers, cafes, restaurants and so on?

These are few major and important questions to avoid confusions etc. to the home lookers. The answers of these questions by the realtors, agents, vendors or consultants will encourage the home lookers to buy a model project like Godrej Kharghar in Kharghar Navi Mumbai.


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Introduction to Prestige Highline Project in Chennai

Residential Apartment Upcoming At Chennai

New residential Project is coming at Chennai. The renowned builder Prestige Group is coming up with pristine apartments Prestige Highline. The lovers of luxurious living are definitely going to enjoy their residence in Prestige Highline amidst open green spaces and serene natural environment. Located at Pallavaram, Chennai, this skyline apartment is planned to have 65% open spaces.

Prestige Highine Chennai 2

More about Floor plan and Specification

Prestige Highline assimilated in the shape of Basement plus Ground Plus upper floors is smartly crafted edifice with extravagance amenities. The apartment is offering high living style underneath precisely designed buildings and infrastructures and is all set to see the dusk and dawn of Pallavaram, Chennai. The well-planned structure and superb interior design of the project is suggested by the best architectural organization. The project is a safe bet for investment in the low community of 1/2/3 BHK apartments. The incumbents of the projects do not have to worry about any kind of amenities inside the homes because the Prestige group has given all contemporary things in each tower. Each unit is proposed to have a private courtyard, best-vitrified tile flooring, fine beamed roofs, and proactive elevators and lifts.


After much inspection, the location of Prestige Highline is set at Pallavaram, Chennai. The location of the project is one of the most important localities of Chennai. Prestige Highline Apartment is well connected from the surrounding locality and far off places of the city. It has IT parks, schools, hospitals, eating joints and shopping malls all close by giving its residents top-notch luxurious stay. Known for its calm environmentPallavaram is away from the city knocks yet in the core of the IT sector. For a sustainable life investing in Prestige Highline Pallavaram is an excellent opportunity to put your hard-earned money.

The project Highline is loaded with state-of-the-art amenities and facilities. Incorporating a spacious clubhouse inside Prestige Highline Chennai the project includes facilities like swimming pool for both adults and kids, Jogging and cycling track, gymnasium, multipurpose and community hall, manicured gardens and parks, indoor games, children play area, yoga ground, courtyard, provision for store, 24 hours water and power supply, facility of STP, each tower consists basement parking and much more facilities. Prestige Highline is offering the world’s class security with the cabin at each entrance and exit gate to keep a daily record of visitors. Intercom facility at every wing and apartments. CCTV surveillance at every corner of the project for monitoring. With all this Prestige group has brought forward the best residential housing at the top location of the Chennai city. Prestige Highline PallavaramChennai is the synonym of luxury and comfort.


Thus, seeing the facts around the project that are in favor of further development, It can be rightly said that investment in Prestige Highline is a safe bet for you.

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Which Floor Are Best To Buy For Your New Residence?

Dwindling between the floors to choose for your new home?

Gone are the days when people use to choose an independent house for dwelling, Now, people are preferring vertical living in an apartment. As buying flats in a gated community or a township is trending, along with it is increasing the confusion, the confusion related to the floor that would be best to buy for a peaceful living.

With every new sun rise the builders across the nation are coming up with new, luxurious and affordable residential housing that are sky touching buildings offering wide choices to the investors and buyers. Each floor of these skyscrapers has its own plus and minus. As you are also ready to indulge in an apartment investment, let’s explore how to choose the floor you need to buy.

Godrej Kharghar Mumbai
Godrej Kharghar

Before diving deep into the floor, you should pick to reside, we would like to update you about the latest residential inventory by the renowned developer Godrej Properties in Mumbai. Godrej properties are setting afloat their untapped and untouched property Godrej Kharghar setting its location at Kharghar the most important nodes of Navi Mumbai. Godrej Kharghar Navi Mumbai project is sprawled in massive acres of land and is bound within the beauty of Kharghar Hills. The property is planned to have high rise building with best of the breed amenities and facilities to let you lead a smooth and peaceful life within.

Determining which floor to choose is a challenging task, now that you are at the final stage of buying your apartment choose the floor keeping in mind yourself and your family. The most important thing you should know is that the price of the apartment changes with changing floors.

Buyers who choose lower floors, faces

Easy movement: lower floors are perfect for easy reach. You will enjoy easy access to all the amenities or even heading out of your home is convenient. For any emergency parking area or security desk will be close and easily reachable.

Budget Homes: higher you move to buy your home higher will be the price of the unit. There is almost 50 – 100 rupees difference per square feet as you move to upper floors. You can choose a floor at lower levels to save your pocket.

Greenery all around: Lower floors enjoys green surroundings. The park, landscaped gardens, walking path, jogging tracks maintained in the property will be near to you if you are a nature lover.

Pet-friendly:  Many properties do not allow pets in the play area or in elevators, therefore, lower floors are best place for your stays if you are a pet lover. At low floor, your pet can move freely and without disturbing others.

Godrej Kharghar Upcoming project at Navi Mumabi

What if you choose the top-floor unit?

Priceless natural light and fresh breeze: choosing high rise floors reduce pollution level naturally and you will enjoy seamless fresh air along with optimum ventilation for healthy living. Unlike, low-rise floors that face the lack of proper ventilation and are dependent on round the clock electricity for lights.

Scenic views and surroundings: residents of top floor enjoys the privilege to sip the morning coffee and evening tea amidst beautiful glimpse of sunrise and sunsets along with the view of entire township and locality.

High privacy maintained: Living at heights are a great source to escape from the noise, the sound of vehicle honking and the traffic of the city. Also, the banging and running sounds from the floor above you can avoid. If privacy is your priority, ensure the soundproofing is done properly.

Peril free for the best living: Hygienic routine is essential for healthy living. If you choose to stay on top floors the intrusion of strays and rodents can be avoided. Mainly the deadly disease spreading mosquitoes can be completely avoided if opting top floors.

When analyzing the positives and negatives of choosing a floor to consider these points too…

If any of your family members has Acrophobia. Acrophobia is the fear for heights. Probably the person might feel dizzy seeing or feeling heights while looking down.

If there is a senior citizen residing with you or some people using the wheelchair, movement becomes tough for these elderly citizens. In the times of unpredicted situations like natural calamities rushing down the stairs immediately will turn to be the most difficult task.

Before reserving your abode make sure the flat is not prone to structural defaults like dampness in the wall, paints oozing off the walls, water supply issues, and improper drainage system.

Thus, while finalizing your dream abode carefully analyze your needs and requirements and then choose the floor to live.

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Should Middle-Class Income Investor Buy A Flat Or Live On Rent In Mumbai?

Which is good, buying a new flat or on rent in Mumbai

Property investments are crucial in every sense. Mumbai, renowned as the financial capital of the country has plenty to offer in regards to high-paying job prospects and real estate investment opportunities. Residents are now gradually but effectively transitioning from living as tenants to first-time property aspirants. Godrej Kharghar Mumbai by Godrej properties is a residential project located to precision at Kharghar in Navi Mumbai. With high-rise architectural marvels, residents can enjoy stunning views of unhindered landscaped greenery surrounding the project. There are some of the finest educational and medical institutions in close proximity that would help residents provide the best for their children in regards to education and healthcare. The Mumbai-Pune expressway is in close proximity to Godrej Kharghar that would assist investors to go about with their everyday commute with relative ease and comfort. The rise in urban population has led to a rise in social infrastructure development. Real estate property trends show that out of all the metropolitan cities, Mumbai provides high land rates which have made it difficult for middle-class income investors to categorize their priorities and invest based on their requirements. In order to arrive at productive property decisions, residents need to consult with professional property developers. This would help them grasp information about the property market and incorporate a broader perspective. Residents should also keep in mind that investing or renting out spaces in emerging localities. Planning to rent out at a property in established locations can be risky as the growth is minimal and initial land rates sky rockets through the roof. Taking Mumbai into consideration, residents from the middle-income group are concerned about whether to invest/purchase a flat or reside as tenants. Let’s now analyze pointers that would assist residents to plan their investment priorities better.

Godrej Kharghar Navi Mumbai

Location preferences and employment stability

Location, by far is the most crucial aspect of a residential project. Residents, especially first-time property aspirants should consider various factors before heading for property investments. IT professionals who travel to other cities often for work-related trips cannot afford to buy a flat as it would be tedious to shift. The future plan can be uncertain. For relocation purposes, it’s a safer bet to stay as tenants as get around to other cities from pre-owned properties is much more convenient.


Return on investment- Income variables


It is necessary that investors devise budgets based on their economic status if they want to arrive at profitable investment decisions. Emerging parts around Mumbai are expensive when it comes to land rates. Residents are now transitioning to a phase where residing as tenants seems to be a convenient option. At the end of the day, people shouldn’t force their investment decisions and pay for a property in an average locality that gives nominal returns on investment.

Residents should realize that the real estate property market fluctuates based on location and price variables. With the increase in urban population, the demand for homes has increased and this has led to property developers coming up with affordable housing structures. Residents should also take into account, the proximity and connectivity benefits from the rest of the city. Purchasing a flat and moving in feels great as owning a space for yourself has its own sentimental value. However, people decide based on market trends and not let their emotions take over. Staying as tenants turn out to be a feasible option as residents can consider moving to other prominent locations if they plan on shifting workplaces. Owning a house would mean that they have to stay come what may.

Home loan sanctions and credit capabilities

Owning a home comprises of several financial obligations. Residents should be financially sound to decide to purchase a flat. This involves having a good credit score, effective affordability status, steady employment record and no past debts that have to becleared. Staying as tenants, on the other hand, has benefits as residents would find it easy to allocate funds and manager other financial requirements efficiently.

Godrej Retreat Kharghar

Godrej Kharghar Navi Mumbai provided amenities and structural designs like no other which would help in increasing the value of the project. Residents who are looking to rent out spaces can avail the best our of the property market owing to a formidable lifestyle.

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Prestige Developer coming with the new residential project at Chennai

Prestige Properties the name that brings in added value

Investors and buyers of the country are targeting Chennai for the buying the property either it’s residential or commercial. Chennai is the top metropolitan city of South India known for its rich cultural heritage and diversity. Builders across the country aim in having their dream projects in Chennai for its profitability along with the excellent contribution. An eminent builder like Prestige Properties has come up with most attractive residential property the Prestige Highline in the best locations of Pallavaram for the best comfortable and luxurious stay. Prestige Group is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and is an expert player of the real estate field and is known for the mesmerizing projects developed across the country. Prestige stands as a huge company in creating Commercial, Residential, Retail and Hospitality Sectors across India since its formation in 1986.

Prestige Highline Chennai
Prestige Highline Chennai

Pallavaramin Chennai is one of the outgrown areas of Chennai having a flavor of modern urbane infrastructure and historic touch for the top-notch lifestyle. This area is the newly created taluk of Chennai having excellent infrastructure along with high connectivity. Residential developers look Pallavarammajor investment hub to establish their projects since the demand for housing is never-ending. Prestige Highline apartment adores excellent connectivity to all the major landmarks of the city and provides good access to public transportation facilities. Popular areas like Chromepet and G.S.T. Road are just a  few kilometres drive from the project.

Prestige Highline project is engulfed by reputed universities, shopping hubs, schools, colleges, banks, hospitals, ATMs, restaurants and religious centers. Pallavaram railway station of the Chennai Suburban Railway Network is in the vicinity of the property for the ease of commute of the inhabitants residing in Pallavaram. Developing area Pallavaram also offers seamless connectivity to various parts of Chennai by all means of transport. It also enjoys round the clock public transportation facility like bus feasibility for the painless and timely reach to the desired place.

Prestige Highline is an ideal housing solution of Chennai

Prestige Highline residential apartment is an RCC framed structure for the enhanced durability and strength and comprises of X and X BHK apartments of different sizes for your comfortable stay. Prestige Highline features units with wide open space with maximum open space for the spacious feel. Prestige Highline is a high-rise structure that provides an uninterrupted view of the surroundings. The units of the property is crafted with wide windows for fresh breeze and the optimum ventilation.

Prestige Highline
Prestige Highline

Amenities for the best living of the residents

Prestige Highline Pallavaramapartmentis surrounded by the landscaped gardens for the tranquillity of the living. To offer comfort to your living space in Prestige Highline Pallavaramproperty is loaded with lifestyle and luxurious amenities like the world-class clubhouse with various facilities to provide maximum entertainment. Grand lobby entrance is embedded in the entrance of the gated community for the best look. Multiple Badminton courts set in premises for your sport’s needs. 24X7 electricity backup facility is provided for common areas and elevators and also incorporates round the clock security services with manned security personnel stationed at the entry and exits for the safety of the inmates.  Vitrified tiles flooring is done for the safety in the foyer, bedrooms, living room and anti-skid tiles flooring for all the balconies of the abodes.

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Income Tax Benefits At Your Second Home

2019 Tax Benefits At Your Second Home

Pune, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Nagpur as the main cities of Maharashtra are experiencing rapid development in various fields, especially the real estate sector in this highly populated metropolitan city is soaring. Navi Mumbai is recorded with an improving growth percentage in housing sales. Recently released budget is in the favor of many individuals, especially to those who also have 2nd house. This developing city filled with concretes and people is also valid for the second house owners. So, owning another affordable nest like this property ca be said as an ideal choice. With good ranks and few developments in this domain, Kharghar in Navi Mumbai now a model. In a property like Godrej Kharghar and exempted with the recently released budget of the year.

Godrej Retreat Kharghar
Godrej Kharghar

Happy New For Home Buyer In Budget 2019

Budget of the year 2019 states the imposes no tax on the second house for which no taxes will be levied. As per report of Shalini Jain, Tax Partner, People Advisory Services from the EY India says, “The benefit of self-occupied property has been increased from one property to two house property. This means that the income tax on notional rental income will not be taxed on the second house property. However, if you have more than two self-occupied houses, then in such cases additional houses over and above will be taxed accordingly.” The deduction for the interest amount on housing loan for two self-occupied house properties must not exceed an amount of Rs 2 lakh. Currently, the second house property, you could carry forward the losses up to 8 estimated years in case the loss from house property exceeds Rs 2 lakh in a single fiscal year. After the proposal is passed, you will not be able to carry forward these losses from your second house property which means for the third house, automatically the tax will be levied.

Upcoming Residential Property In Navi Mumbai

With all the above-mentioned information, Godrej Kharghar/ Retreat Homes in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai can be owned as a second property and its installations in the property will not let the inhabitants of Navi Mumbai without owning this property. All the above measures were taken on order to offer several incentives to the home buyers, owners and the real estate developers in order to provide a transparent platform for the buyers and make their lives happy by paying the tax only till the limit 2 houses which helps in boosting this real estate platform across the country and enjoy the improving living style by a residential property named Godrej Kharghar/ Retreat Homes in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

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