Should Middle-Class Income Investor Buy A Flat Or Live On Rent In Mumbai?

Buying a new flat or on rent in Mumbai – Which one You Should Select

Property investments are crucial in every sense. Mumbai, renowned as the financial capital of the country has plenty to offer in regards to high-paying job prospects and real estate investment opportunities. Residents are now gradually but effectively transitioning from living as tenants to first-time property aspirants. Godrej Kharghar Mumbai by Godrej properties is a residential project located to precision at Kharghar in Navi Mumbai. With high-rise architectural marvels, residents can enjoy stunning views of unhindered landscaped greenery surrounding the project. There are some of the finest educational and medical institutions in close proximity that would help residents provide the best for their children in regards to education and healthcare. The Mumbai-Pune expressway is in close proximity to Godrej Kharghar that would assist investors to go about with their everyday commute with relative ease and comfort. The rise in urban population has led to a rise in social infrastructure development. Real estate property trends show that out of all the metropolitan cities, Mumbai provides high land rates which have made it difficult for middle-class income investors to categorize their priorities and invest based on their requirements. In order to arrive at productive property decisions, residents need to consult with professional property developers. This would help them grasp information about the property market and incorporate a broader perspective. Residents should also keep in mind that investing or renting out spaces in emerging localities. Planning to rent out at a property in established locations can be risky as the growth is minimal and initial land rates sky rockets through the roof. Taking Mumbai into consideration, residents from the middle-income group are concerned about whether to invest/purchase a flat or reside as tenants. Let’s now analyze pointers that would assist residents to plan their investment priorities better.

Godrej Kharghar Navi Mumbai

Location preferences and employment stability

Location, by far is the most crucial aspect of a residential project. Residents, especially first-time property aspirants should consider various factors before heading for property investments. IT professionals who travel to other cities often for work-related trips cannot afford to buy a flat as it would be tedious to shift. The future plan can be uncertain. For relocation purposes, it’s a safer bet to stay as tenants as get around to other cities from pre-owned properties is much more convenient.

Return on investment- Income variables


It is necessary that investors devise budgets based on their economic status if they want to arrive at profitable investment decisions. Emerging parts around Mumbai are expensive when it comes to land rates. Residents are now transitioning to a phase where residing as tenants seems to be a convenient option. At the end of the day, people shouldn’t force their investment decisions and pay for a property in an average locality that gives nominal returns on investment.

Godrej Kharghar Mumbai
Godrej Kharghar

Residents should realize that the real estate property market fluctuates based on location and price variables. With the increase in urban population, the demand for homes has increased and this has led to property developers coming up with affordable housing structures. Residents should also take into account, the proximity and connectivity benefits from the rest of the city. Purchasing a flat and moving in feels great as owning a space for yourself has its own sentimental value. However, people decide based on market trends and not let their emotions take over. Staying as tenants turn out to be a feasible option as residents can consider moving to other prominent locations if they plan on shifting workplaces. Owning a house would mean that they have to stay come what may.

Home loan sanctions and credit capabilities

Owning a home comprises of several financial obligations. Residents should be financially sound to decide to purchase a flat. This involves having a good credit score, effective affordability status, steady employment record and no past debts that have to becleared. Staying as tenants, on the other hand, has benefits as residents would find it easy to allocate funds and manager other financial requirements efficiently.

Godrej Retreat Kharghar

Godrej Kharghar Navi Mumbai provided amenities and structural designs like no other which would help in increasing the value of the project. Residents who are looking to rent out spaces can avail the best our of the property market owing to a formidable lifestyle.

Godrej Kharghar Mumbai
Godrej Kharghar Mumbai

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