Navi Mumbai To Provide State-Of-The-Art Residential Spaces

Godrej Apartment Kharghar | Mumbai | Prelaunch | Price | Location | Review

The Indian property market has a lot to offer in terms of affordable and convenient residential spaces. With phenomenal increase in urban population, property developers are increasing the number of projects that are launched in order to release the excess inventory. Godrej Property Kharghar by Godrej properties is a unique residential project that is strategically located to perfection at Kharghar in Navi Mumbai. The location has plenty to offer in terms of overall connectivity, proximity and social infrastructure development. Mumbai, renowned as the financial capital of India has provided high-paying job opportunities in various fields. This has encouraged residents to consider Kharghar as their preferred investment decision. Navi, Mumbai is close to tourist destinations like Pune and Nashik which is sure to increase the overall appreciation rates in the years to come. With the Mumbai-Pune expressway in close proximity, frequent travelers are in awe of the simplicity and convenience in commute to other prominent locations. In order to incorporate a customer-driven approach, residents are welcomed to the Godrej Kharghar to experience the amenities, floor plans, design specifications or take an entire tour of the property to estimate overall property developments from the conceptualization phase until completion. This establishes long-lasting relationships with key clients for future business prospects. With the inclusion of governing bodies like RERA, the demand for affordable homes has increased and the property market is a lot more stabilized. With rules regarding prompt project delivery along with maintaining transparency, investors are glad as they can now strategize and go about effective financial techniques. There are renowned educational and medical institutions in close proximity so residents can be rest assured to provide the best for their children with respect to education and healthcare. Another advantage of investing in areas around Navi Mumbai, especially at Kharghar is that there are various independent plots as well which is certain to provide high margins of profits in the long-run.


Floor plans- The crux of optimum space and resource utilization

There are many aspects that have to be considered before visiting a property site for further negotiations. Floor plans devised at a project are as important as any other aspect that contributes to effective investment decisions. Residents are requested to frame a pre-determined design for themselves as they can employ a comparative approach when they arrive at the site. Godrej Kharghar floor plans are devised in such a way that residents can come and physical experience the designs to arrive at concrete investment decisions. Architects and engineers have worked tirelessly in order to study and analyze prospective design structures so residents are offered the very best when it comes to sustainability and durability. The regardless of what the challenges are, the project has seamlessly transitioned into the very best around Kharghar. There is great value to the investment made as there are multiple projects around Godrej Retreat Kharghar which will evidently increase land prices in the years to come.


How do amenities help in finalizing property investment decisions?

Like the floor plans devised at the project, its important that property developers come up with unique features that would suit and satisfy recreational and leisure requirements raised by potential investors. Yes, we are referring to the amenities at a residential project. In hindsight, it’s evident that residents like to invest or reside in locations that are further-out from the city. This would help them lead a calm and secluded lifestyle. Godrej Kharghar amenities comprise of landscaped gardens, equipped gymnasiums, swimming pool, recreational play parks for children, 24/7 round the clock security systems with manned security personnel stationed at the entry and exits and 100% electric and power back up for common areas and elevators. Customers who visit the site can physically experience the amenities before taking the final purchase decision.

Location specifications- Key to profitable property purchase decisions

Residents who are first-time property investors are often concerned about the choice of investment. It often gets tricky when they look for the location of the project. With rising demands for affordable housing, it’s important that investors make sought out decisions so they wouldn’t have to back-out at later stages. Godrej Retreat Kharghar location, which is at Kharghar in Navi Mumbai offers plenty benefits in regards to connectivity and land appreciation. Being an emerging location, Kharghar is close to the Mumbai-Pune expressways which is a bonus for frequent travelers. There are some of the best hospitals and educational institutes around Kharghar which has been a pivotal factor for saving time and convenient commute.

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