Buying A Home Can Be Scary – Until You Know These Facts

Facts You Should Know Before Buying Home

Buying a dream home is a rear experience in everybody’s life. It brings in hope, happiness, expectations and what not. So much overwhelmed by all, people often forget to look at bigger fish to fry when they buy a house.

Buying a house is a demanding task and involves a number of issues that are to be taken care of. If you are deciding to buy a new house, Puranik Future City Neral Mumbai any day will be an ideal option that won’t go beyond your pocket. Before making a snap decision of buying home know the facts that will help you prevent your luxury purchase go in vain.

Puranik Codename Future City
Puranik Codename Future City

Checklist to look at before buying a home:

  1. Location is utmost Important: Location of the apartment can make or break your decision of buying it. Spend time to do some research and decide the area where you want to buy your dream house. Locations should be such where all the utilities are in close proximities. Where you and your family can feel at peace after a week’s hard work. It should be lively and happening but not right in the middle of hustle and bustle of the city.
  2. The main & major- Budget: Another deciding factor that must be carefully looked into is your budget. You must set your budget and then start looking for the house you want. Set budget considering your present income and expenditure and also that is going to come in future.
  3. Consider the construction and legal disputes, if any: as a buyer, you have fullright to know how safe you’ll be in the apartment you plan to buy. Therefore, you must gather all the information about the facilities and features going to be available in your apartment. It is a bit technical matter and people ignore it often. But, no matter how many apartments you visit, keep in mind to look into this. Also, to avoid any future disputes, make serious inquiries about the legalities, the plot of land, and other aspects. If needed, you may even ask for the documents, your demands are bound to be satisfied.
  4. Do not trust the sample flat: You know the prices of flats are soaring high up in the sky. And promoters convince buyers simply by showing them sample flats. Do not jump up to finalize just by looking at the sample flat. There is a high probability that sample flats may have higher features than the one you will actually buy. You must demand the detailed site map of the building to be saved from the trap.
  5. Enquire for possession time: Buyers want it to happen as soon as possible. Do ask your distributor about expected occupancy date. Because mostly the date of possession keeps delaying.
  6. Compare the price: when buying a home, being impatient is the biggest mistake. Plan it in the best possible way. Visit as many apartments as you can, consider and compare the benefits, compare the amenities and facilities, look for the best that your money buys.
  7. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush: It is always better to keep room for more option. Do not fall for some apartment that you can’t judge or compare the other with it. it is harmful to close all other options. Evaluate properly before making your decision for final buy.

To put it simply, make the most out of the choices available. We are sure you have a long wish list for your dream home but keep in mind the above mentioned “should not compromise basics”. Even if you plan to go with luxury and affordable Puranik Future City residential apartments, do consider our advice.
Happy housing

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