Prestige Highline – List Of Documents Required For Home Loan

Prestige Highline – Apartment With Luxury Comfort

Want to be a proud homeowner at Prestige Highline residential apartments, but don’t have an enormous amount of ready cash?
Please don’t be dejected! because you live in the world where every second person finds his key to happiness in Prestige Highline through home loans. A giant portion of Indian populace would be living in a rented house without these Home loans. It is the biggest driving force behind the Indian residential real estate market.

Prestige Highline
Prestige Highline Apartment Chennai

So now, are you planning to purchase a house in some big residential apartments like Prestige Highline?
Wait! Before spending your hard-earned money on the initial payments of your dream house in Prestige Highline and getting started with your home loans, check out the list of documents required for the approval of your loan.
Checklist of documents required for your dream home:

  • Keep these documents handy while you go for the go-ahead of your mortgage. Here we go!
  • The very first and obvious, your Home Loan application form along with one smiling passport size photograph
  • Photo identity proof: You can show up your Passport/PAN Card/Driving License/Voter identity card or Adhar card.
  • Residence Address proof: If you are living in a rented house then Registered rent agreement/ Electricity bill (up to 3 months old)/ Utility Bill/ Passport/ License are presented as proof of your address.
  • Residence ownership Proof: If you are the owner of the house you are currently living in then Sale Deed is presented.
  • Property Document: Again, for the house you own. You have to show up Sale deed/ Katha/ Transfer of ownership.
  • Employment appointment letter: This is required if your current employment is less than 1 year old.Income proof: Salary slip/ Bank statement and form 16 are presented to give proof of your income.
  • Job Continuity proof: For this a validation letter from HR and the appointment letter at the employment is required.
  • Bank Statement: For this you will have to show up past 6 months’ documents.
  • Investment Proof: If you have invested in any mutual funds, LIC, some property documents, etc. give that as a proof.
  • Advance Processing cheque: For the validation of your bank account you have to give a canceled cheque.

Apart from the above common documents take a look at these added documents to be submitted by a specific individual.

For Salaried Personal:

  • Financial Document: salary slip of 3 months, Form 16 and Bank statement is required.
  • Bank Statement: Any EMI paid for outstanding debit and 6 months bank statement showing the salary from the employer.
  • Loan form: Loan application form from the bank to be filled with passport-sized photograph affixed.
  • Income Proof: 2 years Form 16. 3 months payslips and a copy of Income-tax PAN.

For Self- Employed professionals:

  • Office address Proof: Utility Bill and Property documents.
  • Office Ownership Proof: Maintenance Bill< Utility Bill and Property documents are given under this.
  • Business Existence Proof: Company registration License, Shop establishment act, 3-year-old Saral copy.
  • Financial Documents: Last 2 years IT Returns along with computation of income taxes of past 2 years, certified by a CA (Chartered accountant).

For self-employed non- professionals:

  • Financial Documents: Last 3 years IT Returns along with computation of income taxes of past 2 years, certified by a CA (Chartered accountant).

For Senior citizens and pensioners:

  • Age Proof: PAN card or Passport is submitted.

At the very least, the documents required for home loan are more or less uniform for all except for a few specific requirements that vary from bank to bank. Thus, the dream of owning a house has become simple with home loans and easy process of documentation involved in it.

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