Godrej Retreat Kharghar- Benami Law And Its Implications

Upcoming Residential Apartment in Mumbai

Mumbai, which provides high paying job prospects has a lot to offer in terms of real estate investment opportunities. Residents are gradually transitioning to become first-time property owners from temporary tenants. Safeguarding the future would entail various aspects that contribute to a secured future. Godrej Retreat Kharghar by Godrej properties is a residential project located to perfection at Kharghar in Navi Mumbai. With the Mumbai-Pune expressway in close proximity, residents can get around to other parts of the city with effortless ease and comfort. The inclusion of RERA and tax reforms such as GST has redefined the Mumbai property market. Developers are devising new strategies to release their unsold inventory and formulating strategies that help maintain transparency in regards to project features and legal constraints. Customers are now expecting land-related documents that would help them have a piece of in-depth knowledge about the history of the land acquired and ownership transfer details. There are various building bylaws that have to be strictly adhered to by potential property developers before they go about releasing project details out to the public.

Godrej Kharghar
Godrej Kharghar

What is a Benami Law and what do you call a Benami Property?

One such law is the “Benami Law”. The law clearly states that if a resident is purchasing a property or transfers the ownership, he wouldn’t be able to register the property under his name. However, they can register the property under someone else’s name and go about financial transactions from their end. “Benami Property” is the property that is being dealt with in such cases. There are complications involved as the person who pays for the property is a different entity. On legal grounds, it becomes difficult to determine the authenticity of the person under whom the property is registered after property purchase. Godrej Retreat Kharghar has maintained clear grounds wherein legal documents are shared with prospective investors that disclose every detail in order to maintain and establish long-standing relationships. Rest assured, partnering or associating with Godrej Kharghar Mumbai is sure to help one analyze and implement a cognitive approach for a sustainable future.

Godrej Kharghar Mumbai
Godrej Kharghar Mumbai

Things to know before entering to purchase Benami properties

Be it any product or service offering, customers would like to know what is the value associated with the purchase and what are the implication involved in doing the same. There are several aspects to Benami properties. The law clearly clarifies that these are properties that are not registered under the name of the person planning to purchase. In other words, you purchase and own properties under someone else’s name. However, there is a catch here. On no legal levels, it is possible to transfer the ownership back to you. Once purchased, the owner of the property would be solely the other party involved. On the contrary, can the owner of the Benami property continue to own and use the property as per their convenience and requirement? That wouldn’t be possible and 2016 law amendments clearly signify that such properties are liable to attachment and confiscation by legal bodies.

How does the Benami property owner represent themselves?

There are many complications when it comes to Benami properties. The authenticity and originality of the Benami property owner should be proved in the court of law. Otherwise called as the Benamidar, one needs to present themselves physically to ensure that the property has been registered under their name. On the flipside, a Benamidar can appoint someone else to represent them on legal terms. Now, who can a Benamidar appoint to present them? These are questions that often pose ambiguity. The person representing the Benamidar can either be one of these.

  1. They should be related to the Benamidar or in case the Benamidar is an employer, the person representing them should be an active employee.
  2. If the person maintains/holds a bank account along with the Benamidar, they would qualify to act or represent them.
  3. A legal guardian or a person who is a current law practitioner in the civil court of law.

Considering all these factors, we can come to the conclusion that to get into Benami properties, one should cordially adhere to the above-mentioned regulations in order to avoid serious repercussions.

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6 Tips To Boost The Value Of Your Apartment For Good Returns

How to boost your real estate investment returns?

Investment in real estate is one of the major decisions ever for most of us. Just the way when you deal with stocks, it is significant to know whether or not your investment is working for you likewise it is important to know the appreciating value of your property. While it is quite difficult to predict the way stock market will go when determining to invest, it is way easy to take a few steps to ensure your apartment maintains its value, and that your investment stays secure and pays good return in the years to come.

Are you also planning to invest in for your dream home in Godrej kharghar? Trail of tips is collated for you to make the most out of your apartment in future. Godrej Kharghar in Navi Mumbai is an ideal option to invest.

Godrej Retreat Kharghar
Godrej Kharghar

Rundown some impactful ways to ensure your apartment continues to appreciate its value:

Have a balanced budget: the most effective way to increase the value of your apartment is having a balanced budget. The less recurrently the board needs to do special valuations or fee increments, the better. if you have a precise budget, you would never need to go through these circumstances at all. Both the boards and the apartment management company should strive to reach a balanced budget.

Do not neglect that appealing Curb: Perhaps the most apparent advice when it comes to increasing the value of your apartment. Make sure your place looks great. Keep up with landscaping, modern security practices, general maintenance, and even ensuring the stylish and contemporary interiors and exteriors that goes a long way towards assuring a continuous increase in the value of your apartment.

Renovation of the apartment: Another good option to increase the value of your apartment is to revamp or rehash it. Renovating and refining the flats with new paints, appliances, lighting and bathroom fixtures allow charging more rent for the same square footage. This means you effectively increase your net cash flow with your fixed costs like taxes and insurance being unaffected.

Install Energy efficient lights: If your builder asks you to pay for the electric in common areas it is always advisable to install energy-efficient lighting. This will not only save you a lot of money in the long run but will also be serving the environment.

Prime and Garage parking: People tend to pay more to park their cars and have additional storage in a garage. It is common to add an additional charge for garages. A less expensive substitute would be carports. Tenants pay to reserve the special spots. In the best spots pop a few signs that say “Reserved Premium Parking for Rent.” This adds more income to you with the value of the apartment increasing.

Trash pick-up Or House-keeping service: Keeping a full-time maintenance man on the property, utilizing him for custom services, all this adds the value. Residents love and ask for this service. Now it is common but gives a good rise to your apartment value.

Follow these safeguards to make owning your home in Kharghar residential apartments by Godrej a successful venture.

Godrej Kharghar is a landmark venture by Godrej Properties coming up in the refreshing surroundings of Kharghar Hills in Navi Mumbai. It features gracefully drafted residential abodes within the efficiently adorned open and landscaped gardens. Everything from entertainment to daily civic needs is provided in Kharghar apartments. The carefully designed amenities full-fills hopes of inmates of all age groups.

Falling for Godrej Kharghar Mumbai project? Book a flat now for a delightful future!

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Godrej Central Park- Mamurdi To Provide Fascinating Residential Architectures

Start saving, Keep investing

Pune, also known to provide fascinating travel and tourism options has transformed into a property investment paradise. The fact that the city enjoys great climate and provides high-paying employment prospects is enough for residents to consider relocating to the city. Residents are moving towards a phase of becoming real estate investors from when they used to occupy spaces as tenants. Godrej Central Park by Godrej properties is a residential project located to precision at Mamurdi in Pune. The project offers 2 and 3 BHK residential units that are spread across 20 acres of land. With over 1100 units up for grabs, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. A km of nature trail along with 400 additional trees promotes eco-friendliness like never before. There are prominent schools, colleges and medical institutions in close proximity that assists residents to provide the very best for their children in regards to education and healthcare services. With the Mumbai-Pune expressway not too far from the project, residents can get around to other parts of the city with relative ease and comfort. Mamurdi has encouraged the entry to high-profiled property developers so the area develops at a staggering rate owing to rising social infrastructure development. In order to help residents, get a brief in terms of property development, Godrej Central Park welcomes customers to the site so they experience the amenities, floor plans, executive design structures or even take an entire tour of the property before making the purchase decision. This results in establishing long-lasting relationships with prospective clients for future business prospects.

Godrej Central Park

How has GST tax benefits impacting customer mentality and purchase decisions

One has to agree that RERA and tax reforms such as GST has brought a sense of order and maintenance in the property market. With the tax rates coming down to 5% from 12% for under-construction projects, residents are not wasting anytime to invest smart and get save wisely. There are prominent IT tech parks that assist IT professionals to consider investing early to make the most of the current market trends. Rest assured, investing your hard-earned money with Godrej Central Park Mamurdi Pune will help you manage your finances better for a convenient lifestyle.

Godrej Central Park Mamurdi

Location and proximity- Getting accustomed to changing property market trends

Location, by far is the most crucial aspect of a residential project. The location solely would determine how well you are connected to the rest of the city. It doesn’t make the cut if residents stay far away from the city and don’t enjoy connectivity benefits to the city. This hampers the overall credibility of the project. On the other hand, Godrej Central Park provides excellent connectivity and proximity benefits. Educational institutes like Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pawana Kids Play, St. George Balika Gram and AIMTEC Point Institute are fairly close to the project contributing to excellent educational services. Coming to basic welfare, Godrej Central Park Mamurdi is close to medical institutions like Janseva Hospital, Sanjvant and Aditya Birla group of Medical institutions. Connectivity wise, the Mumbai-Pune expressway is not more than 0.5 Km’s from the project while the Pune International Airport is 35 Km’s from the project. On the contrary, the Pune railway station and emerging IT parks like Hinjewadi IT park are 26- 28 Km’s and 15-17 Km’s respectively.

Godrej Central Park Pune

Design structures and floor plans- Prepare for the best

Infrastructure designs are essential if one needs to proactively estimate the extent of the development of the project. Residents are now more than eager to invest and consider the exteriors as important as the interior design. Besides, residents who are at the site can eventually experience great attention to detail. As a first-time investor, residents should think about consulting with property advisers before coming to the site. Also, coming to the site with a pre-determined floor plan helps customers compare and execute their strategies effectively. Godrej Central Park offers 2 and 3 BHK units that come in the city scape and garden facing variants. 2 BHK cityscape and garden facing units are spread across 570 sq.ft- 580 sq.ft while the 3 BHK garden facing units spans across 680 sq.ft- 700 sq.ft respectively. With an initial booking amount of Rs. 50,000, customers can book a unit of their choice. Presence of engineers becomes essential as residents can receive alternative options for a successful investment.


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Investing in mutual fund SIP’s Vs. Investing in the real estate market

Which is good option SIP OR Real Estate?

While there are other forms of investment, it is considered that investing in the property market reaps formidable dividends for a secured future. Residents are gradually realizing the opportunity of property investments and are transitioning from living as tenants to first-time homeowners. Godrej Kharghar by the famed Godrej properties is a residential property located to perfection at Kharghar in Navi Mumbai. Located close to the Mumbai-Pune expressway, residents are free to go about with their everyday commute with relative ease and comfort. Presence of high-rise buildings within the premises allows residents to catch stunning views of landscaped greenery surrounding the project. As an emerging suburb, Kharghar has paved the way for rising social infrastructure for high land appreciation rates contributing to formidable rental benefits. There are prominent schools, colleges and medical institutions in close proximity that would enable customers to provide the best for their children in regards to education and healthcare. RERA and other tax reforms such as GST has brought about a change in the property market. A sense of uniformity and balance is set in order. Property developers are now forced to deliver projects on time in order to avoid hefty penalties. Considering all this along with the fluctuating property market, it becomes important to frame strategies and invest in the real estate sector to lead a fulfilling future. On the contrary, investing in mutual fund SIP’s is great. However, the end result is not guaranteed depending on different factors. At times, it becomes a scary experience if investors aren’t able to effectively gauge the equity market in order to use their hard-earned money productively and securely. A sense of contemplation sets in the mind if one would want to withdraw their funds from the equity market so they could avoid unforeseen circumstances.

Godrej Kharghar Mumbai
Godrej Kharghar Mumbai

Mutual fund SIP investments- Unpredictable market fluctuations In India

The additional advantage in investing in Mutual fund SIP’s is that you can start with a minimal amount if you are fairly new to the investment experience. Such benefits are not provided to investors in the real estate market as the allocation of surplus funds are required. However, there is the other side to things generally. Customers tend to buy lesser mutual fund units when the market is on an upward trend. On the contrary, it is logical to assume that one would purchase a greater number of stocks when market prices are low in order to capitalize and double up on their savings. This has a human emotional aspect attached to it. Incorporating a logical approach towards any form of investment is favorable in the long-run. Getting skeptical towards mutual fund SIP’s and withdrawing the money invested can help you achieve short-term goals. Committing to the idea of stopping SIP investments can adversely affect your money grow. Being patient and studying the market proactively can help you diversify your portfolio and invest for greater returns.

Real estate property investments – How is it any better than others?

Purchasing a home or investing in property has its own implications. There are numerous factors to consider before heading into such a direction. Residents who are beginning to transition to become real estate investors should consult professional property advisers for in-depth knowledge. Trusting your instinct and heading towards a property that interests can turn out risky. In the case of Godrej Kharghar Navi Mumbai, residents are welcomed to the site to experience the amenities, floor plans, design structures or even take an entire tour of the property before making the final purchase decision. To make things easier, architects and engineers are present at the site at all times so residents are provided with profitable alternatives to choose from. With the rise in IT infrastructures around Kharghar, IT and working professionals can consider investing early to make the most of the market trends and build upon the rental income.


How does Godrej Kharghar Mumbai amenities help in impacting customer purchase decisions

Like any other aspect that constitutes a residential project, presence or absence of amenities can affect your investment experience. Residents would certainly expect state-of-the-art amenities that would end up making their life convenient within the premises. Godrej Kharghar has devised creative strategies that specifically cater to residential requirements in terms of convenience, comfort and safety. These features comprise of an equipped gymnasium, swimming pool for all age groups, recreational play gardens for children, landscaped greenery for an eco-friendly experience, 100% electric/power back up for most of the common areas and 24/7 security services along with CCTV coverage.

In conclusion, we can assume that in spite of certain risks involved in mutual fund SIP’s and property investments, utilizing your hard-earned money in the real estate sector can be worthwhile and fulfilling at the same time.

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GST Curtailed From 12 To 5 Percent Over Under Construction Houses

GST Curtailed From 12 To 5 Percent Over Under Construction Houses

The government is now deducting a certain percentage of GST tax, especially on the under-construction houses. To make affordability come down to the limits of the middle class and the neo-middle class this can be said as a tremendous move for this rapidly transforming real estate in the country.

Godrej Kharghar Mumbai
Godrej Kharghar

A revolutionary move by the government to deduct the GST

Buying a beautiful nest and that amazing feeling of owning it can be said wonderful. But the sky-touching prices are not in the affordability of every class of all the individuals. The Goods and Service Tax Council have initiated in implementing GST with slight changes in the real estate, especially over the under-construction houses will give another reason to buy a house. A levy of 12 percent GST over the under-construction houses has now come down to 5 percent and will be effective from April 1, 2019, with both Center and State governments working on it. This is an added advantage for the locals of Navi Mumbai who are looking for an ideal house like Godrej Kharghar. This under-construction property in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai will help to own a comfortably luxurious house within the limits of the individuals.

Godrej Kharghar
Godrej Kharghar

Highlights of the attested GST deductions

  • Goods and Services Tax Council is with few changes on GST in real estate.
  • This will be followed by both the State and Central governments of the nation.
  • The laws will be active from 10 March 2019.
  • The current GST implications over under-construction houses come down from 12 percent to 5 per cent.
  • The effective 8 percent will help the promotion of home buyers.
  • Those properties which are ready and have received an Occupancy Certificate (OC) do not attract GST.
  • This is also implemented in order to achieve the “Housing for all by 2020.”
  • It leads to a certain increase in the housing sales will gear up the sales of those unsold residential slots for a longer time.
  • The council clarifies the application of GST on small commercial slots in a residential complex will be informed in due time.
  • It will also clarify if FSI (Floor Space Index) transfers and the lease premium will be attracting the GST tax.

Godrej Kharghar with an under-construction tag is attracting the home lookers

Godrej Kharghar is located in Navi Mumbai, which is one of the important cities of the Maharashtra state and claims of having the beauty of development and advanced transformation in the city. With the released GST reduction to be levied over the under-construction projects, Godrej Kharghar turned as a lucrative project with all the best of its installations in the property. The pinned location was chosen ideally, installed amenities chose thoughtfully and the specifications for the well-being residents are conceptualized for the safety of the residents. Such a marvelous project in Navi Mumbai added with feasible connectivity and highlighting neighborhood are the reasons for the demand of this residential slot. And the recently released news with the curtailed GST on residential slots which are under construction is another reason to grab the home searchers. Isn’t this the perfect time to grab a wonderful piece of structure in the name of Godrej Kharghar and experience the combination if luxury, comfortability and affordability and change this to the new address of your dream nest. Hurry up.

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Why Bren Northern Light Is The First Choice For Home Buyers In Bangalore?

Bangalore, over the years has transformed into a real estate investment paradise. Renowned for its climate and high paying employment opportunities in the IT sector, the city has revolutionized the way people look at real estate investments. Residents are gradually transitioning from living temporarily as residents to first-time property aspirants. Bren Northern Lights by Bren group of developers is a fascinating residential project located to perfection at Jakkur in Bangalore. With the Bangalore International Airport in close proximity, residents can go about with their everyday commute with relative ease and comfort. The project offers 1, 1.5 and 2 BHK residential units spread over 6 acres, customers can explore and make the most of the space provided. There are prominent schools, colleges and medical institutions in close proximity which makes it that much easier for residents to provide the best for their children in regards to education and healthcare. With 9 towers within the premises that are nothing short of architectural marvels, in-house customers can catch stunning views of landscaped greenery surrounding the project. Also, they have incorporated a customer-centric approach by welcoming investors to the site to experience the amenities, floor plans, design structures or even take an entire tour of the property before making the final purchase decision. Jakkur is surrounded by renowned defense campuses that contribute to the safety of the residents and even increases the land appreciation rates for formidable returns on investment. Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore has invited IT giants to set base across emerging parts around the city. IT professionals and businessmen can now consider investing early to make the most of the property trends and double up on an alternate source of income. Rest assured, partnering with Bren Northern Lights can help you estimate property developments around Jakkur and invest accordingly for maximum benefit.

Bren Northern Lights
Bren Northern Lights

How do in-house amenities impact customer purchase decisions and project credibility

There are many aspects that residents should consider in order to get to where they aspire to be in terms of profitability and ease of living. Amenities at a residential project are as crucial as any other factor that impacts customer purchase. Jakkur, for instance is quite far from the main city. In such cases, residents expect flawless amenities that would make their life convenient within the premises. Bren Northern Lights amenities comprise of indoor and outdoor facilities that cater to resident expectations from different backgrounds and income levels. For instance, one can enjoy indoor facilities like a fabulous clubhouse, a fabulous gymnasium, table tennis, billiards, party hall and outdoor features like a skating rink, cricket practice pitches, cycling tracks, landscaped gardens, recreational play area for kids, multipurpose court, swimming pool for all age groups and a tennis court. Considering all the amenities, investors can now breathe a sigh of relief as they can lead a life filled with fulfillment and comfort.

Bren northern lights with class ahead apartments from anushu Chowdary

Floor plan designs- Embrace a luxurious lifestyle at Bren Northern Lights

Before coming to the site, residents should consider consulting with professional real estate advisers to get a clear idea of how the property market works. Just investing money doesn’t make the cut. Aspiring property investors should consider the number of factors before finally arriving at the site for price-related negotiations. It is an added bonus if customers frame a pre-determined floor plan that would help them compare the designs available at the project for effective decisions. Bren Northern Lights provide 1, 1.5 and 2 BHK residential units that are spread over 6 acres of land. The 1 and 1.5 BHK units are evenly spread over a super built-up area ranging from 647 sq.ft- 674 sq.ft for all the floor while the 2 BHK units are spread over 667 sq.ft- 790 sq.ft for all the floors respectively. Architects and engineers present at the site have worked tirelessly to provide amazing spaces that are in line with industry standards and diverse residential expectations.

Proximity and Connectivity- What does Bren Northern Lights offer?

It’s important that residents consider the importance of the proximity to the rest of the city from the project. This helps them go about with their everyday travel with effortless ease and residents can spend more time with their family. The project offers seamless connectivity to the rest of the city via the ring road that also contributes to increase in land value in the long run. There are prominent IT tech parks like McAfee, Convergys, Samsung and many co-working spaces that house over 100 companies which is a bonus for young and emerging IT professionals. The Bangalore International Airport is 24 Km’s from the project while the Hebbal Flyover is no more than 11 Km’s. Bagmane Tech Park is 21 Km’s from Bren Northern Lights which makes the everyday commute easier.

Bren Northern Lights Bangalore
Bren Northern Lights Bangalore

To conclude, investing with Bren Northern Lights is certain to help you bank on present property conditions for pleasant living experience. Get Busy, Start Investing!


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Kharghar Is Coming With New Retreat Home With Luxury Facility

Home Coming With Luxury Facility In Kharghar Mumbai

The renowned property builder Godrej group have come up with an unparalleled residential housing in their signature, named, Godrej  Kharghar. Godrej Kharghar residential space is coming up at Navi Mumbai to retreat the Mumbaikars. The pristine Godrej Kharghar residential housing singles out in both inward and outward look, feel and facilities. The project Kharghar by Godrej spreads in rambling acres of terrain and is planned to have major portion of open spaces for proper ventilation and natural light within and out. Not only this, the internal and external conveniences and amenities provided in the Kharghar project is all up to the minute to give you the best mix and mingle of all under one roof and have good time without having to go too far. The property Retreat Kharghar by Godrej is a pre-launched project that enjoys its prime location and connectedness with the rest of the Mumbai.

Godrej Kharghar | Upcoming Project
Godrej Kharghar

Godrej Kharghar Project Description

This new launch project is located in the peaceful surroundings of Kharghar hills at Navi Mumbai. The property enjoys a calm and picturesque view of Kharghar hills and landscaped gardens. Sprawling in massive acres the project is proposed to have spacious inside and out in each unit. All the floors of the building have a big airy gallery and each apartment detaches the other with spacious balconies and terrace. Godrej Kharghar abodes are designed taking into account the principles of Vastu Shastra. Moreover, the project provides all up-to-date amenities, facilities, and conveniences in and around the project. The project has skyscraper buildings to offers unhindered views of lush green outfields to the residents. The Group in this premium project has put in efforts to bring unmatched features for lavish and comfortable stay of the incumbents. Godrej Kharghar Mumbai is the best apartment available under reasonable tags by the Godrej properties.



A host of best amenities on offer

All the amenities and handiness that you would need to lead a luxurious and contented life, is there for you in Kharghar project. The internal amenities of the retreat Kharghar includes vitrified tile flooring in the living room, bedroom and at the foyer of each unit. The look of lavatories is enhanced using branded sanitary and plumbing fittings, it is also done to maintain hygiene. Every floor is connected to lifts and terrace. Talking about other amenities the project accommodates an ayurvedic center, a playground, yoga ground and a swimming pool for both kids and adults. It incorporates football, Volleyball, Cricket, and handball courts. A dedicated and spacious play area for children and a big space for indoor games like table tennis, carom, chess and a lot more. The project entails an open-air amphitheater, a sky-club, video-door phones and podium for car parking. The incumbents need not worry about regular maintenance as the property has RCC framed structure. Also, there is a garbage chute in each tower, the bog balconies allow incessant cross ventilation, and the towers are designed to have international external Light design concept. Not only this, to lead an organic life and to maintain ecological ways of living, Godrej  Kharghar incorporates STP and Rainwater Harvesting.

Godrej Retreat Kharghar Mumbai

Kharghar Best as a Location

The Kharghar area of Navi Mumbai houses the pristine property by Godrej. Kharghar location is just an hour drive from the heart of Mumbai and is really an important node of Navi Mumbai. The area enjoys the beautiful panorama view of the Kharghar Hills. Over the years, the area has seen continuous developments and is emerging as a residential spot. Being close to the International Airport the area is sure to see various social and infrastructural development and capital appreciation as well. The Kharghar railway station and the well-connected two major highways allow hassle-free traveling to the major hotspot of the city. Many renowned educational Institutes are stationed here in Kharghar because of which the area is coming to be known as education hub of Mumbai. It also houses the major cancer hospital in Asia. The area is capable of fully satisfying your daily needs be it shopping, entertainment, foods and Local Markets, enjoyment in central parks or botanical gardens, an amphitheater and many more.

Godrej Kharghar Mumbai
Godrej Kharghar Mumbai

All in all, Godrej Kharghar is one of its kind by the developer. With the host of amenities and facilities within the project and around the neighboring Kharghar by Godrej is going to be a superb and safe investment for you.

Godrej Retreat Kharghar

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Age Is On Your Side – Invest Early To Shape Your Wealth

A Sneak Peak Into Apartment Living In The Future

Next Generation  Home Coming With Luxury Facility

Regardless of what life throws at us, we have to take necessary measures to prepare for the most unlikely of situations. Investing in the real estate market provides us the capability to provide for our families and bank on an alternate source of income. Residents are now effectively transitioning from living as tenants to real-time property aspirants. Prestige Highline by the famed Prestige properties is a fascinating residential project, which is located to perfection at Pallavaram in Chennai. Renowned as the automobile manufacturing hub of the nation, Chennai has welcomed property developers to come up with their projects across emerging parts around the city. With high-paying job prospects in the automobile industry, residents can consider investing early to reap formidable returns on investment. With high-rise architectural marvels within the premises, residents can be rest assured to provide the best for their children in regards to education and healthcare. Pallavaram, an emerging part of Chennai, is home to prominent IT tech park that houses close to 10-20% of the city’s IT crowd. Young IT professionals and entrepreneurs can now consider investing early for financial security and build up on an alternate source of income. In order to establish long-lasting relationships and employ a customer-centric approach, residents are welcomed to the site to experience the amenities, floor plans, design structures or even take an entire tour of the property before arriving at a final purchase decision. Prestige Highline apartments are curated and designed by some of the best in the business in order to cater to rising and diverse residential requirements. The introduction of real estate regulatory bodies like RERA and tax reforms such as GST have revolutionized realty operations and increased the demand for affordable housing structures. Property developers are now capitalizing on key markets to release their excess inventory and match up to the supply-demand ratio. Rest assures, one planning to partner with Prestige Highline Pallavaram is sure to save up for a secured future. Get Investing!

Prestige Highline Residential Apartment Chennai
Prestige Highline Chennai

Considering the impact of emerging suburbs

One has to realize that investing in emerging localities determines the nature of your investment. Suburbs, most often than not provide profitable opportunities when compared to established localities. The notion or considering suburbs or cities is now transformed to taking suburbs and cities as a single entity. What basically interests potential investors is an apartment which is engulfed by a crime-free environment, better connectivity to other prominent localities and suitable amenities that would enable them to lead a convenient lifestyle within the premises. Investing in areas like Pallavaram Chennai would give you quality of life as anything and everything is in reach which would eventually contribute to a luxurious living experience.

Prestige Highline Pallavaram Chennai
Prestige Highline Pallavaram Chennai

Amenities to support the connectivity and conserve the eco-system

With changing times and technologies, residents have to make sure they update themselves. It’s a proven fact that amenities at a project determines the project’s credibility. However, with the increase in urban population, property developers are on the verge of devising futuristic amenities that cater to diverse residential requirements without compromising on conserving the eco-system. For instance, amenities like rainwater harvesting, solar power systems, uninterrupted supply of water, 24/7 security systems, green buildings and fuel-friendly transportation services are pivotal for a convenient living experience. Here at Prestige Highline, the amenities are in line with industry standards and customer residential expectations. Be it any product or service offering, residents need to know the value associated with the purchase. Customers can experience the project features and the amenities beforehand which would give them an upper hand in filtering their purchase decisions.


Accessibility and floor plan designs

Infrastructure designs at a residential project are as crucial as any other aspect that might contribute to profitable investment decisions. Prestige Highline floor plans are available on request and customers are requested to visit the site with a pre-determined floor plan design so they would find it easier to compare designs that are available at the premises. Architects and engineers at the site provide impeccable realty services so investors can prioritize what is necessary at any given point of time. Curated to perfection, Prestige Highline is sure to protect your interests for suitable and favorable living experience.

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Important Questions To Pose The Property Dealers

Why Navi Mumbai?

Mumbai is that city which never sleeps. This most modern metropolitan city is the capital of Maharashtra which is also the 2nd highly populated city. With the help of liberalization and modernization in the streets of India, helped Mumbai to turn itself into an ultimate outfit of Bollywood, share market, stock exchange, beaches, street food, street shopping, high-rise buildings, party culture, modern lifestyle, mesmerizing beaches, dabbawalla, and the busy metros gives an answer of the city’s transformation. With all these added factors, abundance in the supply of property by realtors is one of the major factors for raising residential demand. The prominent commercial projects and the developing residential project accompanied with the highlighting neighborhood and the towering office slots, ultimately the increase in migration percentage with the increase in employment is the major reason for quick growth in this city. In this rapidly developing city, renowned developer Godrej is upcoming with one residential project in Kharghar with the name of Godrej Kharghar.

Godrej Kharghar Mumbai

15 noted questions to ask the agents

Buying a property is both enthusiastic and terrifying as well. The present days with involved frauds and double dealings will lead a home looker to confusion on how to own an ideal property like Godrej Kharghar. With all the gathered experience, there are few simple but important questions to be asked to clarify and buy an ideal one without getting deceived. They are:

  • Is the property registered with all the required paperwork?
  • What is the present market rent for this sort of property?
  • What are the perfections and imperfections in this property?
  • What are the positive attributes of this property?
  • What are the negative attributes of this property?
  • Possibilities of making money from this property?
  • Are there any plumbing or wiring issues?
  • Any pending registration processes of the property?
  • What are the transportation facilities from the pinned location?
  • Is any furniture being sold along with the property?
  • Is this property in a known as flood zone?
  • What are the services currently being supplied to the residents of the property and what services are available to utilize? For example, natural gas, sewerage (as it may still have a septic tank), reticulated water supply (as it could be on tank supply), and so on
  • Should the property be situated near to the schools, public transportation, and major roads? If so, how far away should it be situated and should travel time be a consideration?
  • How much is the distance from the property from a major CBD or town center?
  • Is the property near to the major shopping centers, cafes, restaurants and so on?

These are few major and important questions to avoid confusions etc. to the home lookers. The answers of these questions by the realtors, agents, vendors or consultants will encourage the home lookers to buy a model project like Godrej Kharghar in Kharghar Navi Mumbai.

Godrej Kharghar
Godrej Kharghar


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Introduction to Prestige Highline Project in Chennai

Residential Apartment Upcoming At Chennai

New residential Project is coming at Chennai. The renowned builder Prestige Group is coming up with pristine apartments Prestige Highline. The lovers of luxurious living are definitely going to enjoy their residence in Prestige Highline amidst open green spaces and serene natural environment. Located at Pallavaram, Chennai, this skyline apartment is planned to have 65% open spaces.

Prestige Highine Chennai 2

More about Floor plan and Specification

Prestige Highline assimilated in the shape of Basement plus Ground Plus upper floors is smartly crafted edifice with extravagance amenities. The apartment is offering high living style underneath precisely designed buildings and infrastructures and is all set to see the dusk and dawn of Pallavaram, Chennai. The well-planned structure and superb interior design of the project is suggested by the best architectural organization. The project is a safe bet for investment in the low community of 1/2/3 BHK apartments. The incumbents of the projects do not have to worry about any kind of amenities inside the homes because the Prestige group has given all contemporary things in each tower. Each unit is proposed to have a private courtyard, best-vitrified tile flooring, fine beamed roofs, and proactive elevators and lifts.


After much inspection, the location of Prestige Highline is set at Pallavaram, Chennai. The location of the project is one of the most important localities of Chennai. Prestige Highline Apartment is well connected from the surrounding locality and far off places of the city. It has IT parks, schools, hospitals, eating joints and shopping malls all close by giving its residents top-notch luxurious stay. Known for its calm environmentPallavaram is away from the city knocks yet in the core of the IT sector. For a sustainable life investing in Prestige Highline Pallavaram is an excellent opportunity to put your hard-earned money.

The project Highline is loaded with state-of-the-art amenities and facilities. Incorporating a spacious clubhouse inside Prestige Highline Chennai the project includes facilities like swimming pool for both adults and kids, Jogging and cycling track, gymnasium, multipurpose and community hall, manicured gardens and parks, indoor games, children play area, yoga ground, courtyard, provision for store, 24 hours water and power supply, facility of STP, each tower consists basement parking and much more facilities. Prestige Highline is offering the world’s class security with the cabin at each entrance and exit gate to keep a daily record of visitors. Intercom facility at every wing and apartments. CCTV surveillance at every corner of the project for monitoring. With all this Prestige group has brought forward the best residential housing at the top location of the Chennai city. Prestige Highline PallavaramChennai is the synonym of luxury and comfort.


Thus, seeing the facts around the project that are in favor of further development, It can be rightly said that investment in Prestige Highline is a safe bet for you.

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